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Recent Storm Damages Boathouse-less Crew Boat

Hello Grand Supporters of Wabash Valley Crew!

We are fully aware of the recent storm that put Terre Haute to its knees and Wabash Valley Crew was no exception. We had significant damage to our Vespoli 8+ boat (our largest boat) which we have to leave outside for storage. It unfortunately was tossed about during the high winds and landed on to another boat outside, leaving eight holes in the boat and one significant hole approximately 3” X 5” in diameter. Needless to say, if we had a boathouse, this type of occurrence would not have happened.

Currently we have collected over $116,000 toward our $150,000 matching fund with the Wabash Valley Community Foundation. Which leaves us shy by $35,000 and less than 6 months to collect these additional funds. For those of you who have given much to our cause, we are extremely grateful for your contributions! Any additional help, no matter how small, would be greatly appreciated! You can find out more, as well as give, at

Thanks again for your support! Please pass this message to others in order to get the word out!

Have a Great rest of your summer!

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