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The Boys in The Boat movie

Hello supporters of Wabash Valley Crew! Jamey Kirsch has sent us the latest good news on a new movie coming out this December called The Boys in the Boat, directed by George Clooney! Sourcing from the book based on a true story, this is a great American Story about the sport we love--rowing!

And how exciting to know that it's release coincides with a big moment for us, too!...

This December will be the end of our matching funds from the wonderful people at Wabash Valley Community Foundation for our Race to the Boathouse. We are so thankful to those who have given to our Boathouse Campaign and for those who have yet to take that step, please consider giving whatever is comfortable for you! We would be so grateful!

The Wabash Valley Community Foundation's matching grant will match every $1 given, up to $150,000! However, this opportunity ends after December 31, so we have just over 2 months left to finish off the remaining 10.5% needed. If we are able to complete this in time, there will be $300,000 raised for the new boathouse in Fairbanks Park! You can learn more information on this grant here:

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