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Why do we need a boat house? Increased recreational opportunities for everyone!

Updated: Aug 10, 2022

The Wabash River offers many opportunities for recreation. In a 2021 community survey regarding improvements to Fairbank Park, 86% of respondents reported that the river is their main reason for making a trip to the park. In this same survey, "Expanding activities on the river, such as kayaking, rowing and fishing” was the second most popular answer to the question “What park activities would make you most likely to visit Fairbanks Park?”

The planned boathouse in Fairbanks Park will allow members of the community to store kayaks and canoes. It will allow the Wabash Valley Crew to expand its services to include rowing lessons for adult members of the community and facilitate cooperation with other local organizations, including the YMCA. Donate today here: to promote local recreational opportunities and move us closer to our goal! For a limited time, every gift is matched by a Wabash Community Foundation grant, up to $150,000.

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